Kari Lei is a mother of 2 beautiful boys and together with her husband they live in Loosdrecht. Kari is originally from Cape Town, South Africa, but she prefer to consider herself as a citizen of the world.  

Kari began practicing yoga to develop flexibility and her stamina. As she began to practice, she realised that she began to feel happier and healthier. This began her journey into a more holistic way of living. She became more aware, more mindful and began cleaning her own temple, her body. She realised that, in her life, yoga can't be separated into the physical, the mind and the heart but that it's a completely unified state of being.

Kari has a strong Bikram practice for roughly 10 years. More recently she began exploring other types of yoga like Ashtanga. She has also developed a love for Vinyasa Flow and decided to train as a teacher in both Bikram and Vinyasa Flow. She is keen to continue learning and regularly attend training and workshops.


As a teacher, Kari would like to create a space for her students that is mindful, kind, spacious, patient and safe. It is her privilege to guide you through your practice.